September 25, 2013

Itransition, an outsourced software development vendor providing full-cycle IT services, has signed an agreement with the Informatics Department of Minsk State Higher Radio Technical College (MSHRC) to provide the company’s resources for students’ training.

The Informatics Department of Minsk State Higher Radio Technical College (MSHDTC) opened its doors in 1998 to become one of the best education establishments for future IT specialists in the programming industry. The department functions in close cooperation with the Faculty of Professional Education, Electronics, Radio Technology and Programming.

The terms of the signed contract predefine that college students will have the opportunity of getting practice in programming in Itransition’s laboratories. In this regards, the president of MSHDTC Sergey Ankuda has expressed his enthusiasm about the fact that the students are going to master their skills in real life environment, outside the usual classrooms, combining the knowledge they would get both from MSHDTC teachers and Itransition’s specialists. Such a combination is paramount for future IT professionals to build a successful career after graduation.

Since its inception, Itransition has taken the mission of making IT area attractive for young people. More than 600 students get free training every year at Itransition’s educational center that started working in 2005. Itransition keeps assisting aspiring juniors by providing them with an opportunity to apply their skills and knowledge because, as we know, practice makes perfect.