Itransition announced Global Outsourcing 100 Rising Star

2 min.

May 2, 2007

On April 30th the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) has announced the list of world leaders and 10 fast growing outsourcing companies. Itransition Software Development Company was represented in the list as a Rising Star Company.

Global Outsourcing 100 listings provide not only a forecast of key players in the outsourcing market but also a useful and trustworthy reference guides for the companies searching for effective and appealing outsourcing deals.

IAOP evaluation team has selected Itransition as a Rising Star after assessment of 18 characteristics, including revenue, growth, number of employees, the skills and training of their workforce, the number of technical and business references, the track record of the management team, and the quality of customer service. The strongest points pointed out by the independent jury were customer references and strong management capabilities.

The print version of special feature on Global Outsourcing 100 Listings (IAOP) was published in FORTUNE 500 issue of FORTUNE® magazine. The main revealed outsourcing industry trend is unbridled growth in revenues and employment, significant role of IT outsourcing (56% of the companies listed) and high level of productivity.