Itransition is pleased to announce we were recognized among the world’s top Java solutions providers, according to the independent research by

Clutch’s analysts reviewed and estimated a number of qualitative and quantitative parameters characterizing the Java expertise of the applicants, including the degree of market share, clients’ base and customer feedback.  Itransition found its place among the 11 world leaders in the Java area, due to the excellent ability to deliver and focus on a service type:

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The original Clutch’s report demonstrates our large-scale market presence, extended and varied client list, positive customer reference and focus on enterprise and web development.

Additionally to the in-depth research of our performance, Clutch team collected the firsthand feedback from our clients outlining our strong position on the global IT arena.


Java at Itransition

Java development is one of our core expertise, we have been devoted to since 1998. We boast a strong pool of Java engineers who have completed 400+ custom projects of different scale and direction, from enterprise (ESB, ERP, ECMS, CRM, BI, affiliate networks etc.) to rich web solutions (e-libraries, e-commerce, e-learning etc.). Focused on the customers’ needs, Itransition delivers both full-cycle and partial development services, including pre-development consulting, development, quality assurance, post-development maintenance and support.

A qualified Java expert Yaraslav Lishik, currently the Head of Software Development Department at Itransition, admitted:


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Clutch is a research agency providing independent evaluation of the leading services companies to support businesses of all scale in taking information-based decisions concerning potential technology partners. The company leverages an all-rounded research methodology covering both B2B and B2C offerings audit that outlines the ability of companies to meet customer expectations basing on three evaluation criteria: references and reviews, clients and experience, market presence. Well-structured and non-biased reviews of 500+ companies and 50+ markets help businesses of any scale to select the most reliable and relevant partners for their projects.