December 22, 2006


The Third Forum on IT Banking and finances took place in Minsk, Belarus on December 5-6, 2006 .

Our company was represented by Itransition business analytic Klementy Matuhov. In his presentation he made an overview of the world tendencies in financial service-systems development. Besides Itransition other participants like Sun Microsystems and Symantec also made their presentations in the same section.

At the forum Itransition arranged meetings with AtosOrigin and Symantec representatives, negotiations with which brought us some promising opportunities for future cooperation.

The main objective of the event was knowledge and experience sharing in the area of developing and promoting new information technologies in crediting, banking and finances,

The forum focused on:

  • Analyzing of relevant financial and banking systems in Europe and in the world
  • Introducing new technologies in the bank system infrastructure
  • Increasing transaction security
  • Presenting new solutions and applications
  • Discussing integration and porting of the existing systems into new platforms

More than 70 companies from Belarus and other countries took part in the forum. Among them there were more than 10 banks, associations, Ministries and Governmental offices. At the plenary meeting one could see National Bank representatives, Association of Byelorussian Banks, ?INFOPARK?, Presidential State Information Security Center, Ministry of Communications and Information. Foreign companies were represented by Association of Ukrainian Banks, ePay Consulting, AtosOrigin, Lanit, SAP in CIS, Hewlett-Packard, Sun Microsystems, Symantec in CIS.

During the two-day seminar the guests and participants were offered more than 50 reports on 3 major topics:

  • Modern IT in bank business-processes: methodology, solutions, real-life experience
  •  Banking services automation for customers, e-money: service channels, technologies and instruments
  •  Information technology for banks: architecture, tools, security, standardization and communication