June 28, 2006

Itransition company exhibited its services at Interop to support its growing position in Eastern Europe and advance itself as an interesting player on the international stage. Visitors to the company’s stand showed much interest in enterprise level solutions development (CMS, Document Management Systems, and others) and embedded software development services. Among them were Contec (Japan), CSC (Japan), Japan Microsystems, CTI (Russia) and several US companies.

Itransition looks optimistically into its future interaction with Japanese companies. We’ve managed to make cooperation agreements and lay solid foundations to reveal a new market for our services. These promising results became possible due to careful preliminary work of both the company’s Head Office in Minsk and Honda Trade Consulting, its representatives in Japan.

Interop is one of the leading exhibitions in software development. It’s a place of interest for many companies willing to promote their IT technologies in the world corporate market. The exhibition was initially held in Silicon Valley (USA), then moved to USA, Japan, France, and finally reached Russia. Interop Moscow 2006 allowed IT businesses to demonstrate best innovations that promise to become the basis for future developments.

A special event held within the exhibition was a congress which program included:

  • Data Management and ERP Conference
  • Networks and Communications Conference
  • II Open Source Forum Russia
  • Security Conference
  • VoIP Conference
  • Wireless & Mobility Conference

World leading edge IT gurus discussed the future of the industry at Interop conferences. The speakers and invited guests were Jon “maddog” Hall of Linux International, Ian Murdock, one of Debian developers, Asa Dotzler, an incorporator of Mozilla and Firefox, Zeev Suraski, who contributed much to PHP.

The main sponsors of the exhibition were such well-known companies as Microsoft, IBM, Klondike computers, D-Link, CommuniGate, SYSCOM.

IBM, Symantec, NET, AMD, Japan Microsystems Inc., 1C, Cisco, Avaya, FSecure, Bechtel, Ranch Networks, Alcatel, NEC, Sun Microsystems, FORMOZA were among the participants.

“We are focused on continuous expansion of our business contacts. We lay stress on bringing high level development services to potential customers and business partners all over the world. We regard exhibitions as part of the company’s wider promotion strategy, because they offer great opportunities for well-established leaders and belligerent starters to meet in one place, access new cutting edge technologies and enhance understanding of the challenges facing the entire IT sector,” said Dmitry Dolgorukov, marketing director of Itransition, in his assessment of Interop results.