October 18, 2006

Itransition added to its abundant exhibition experience one more event: participation in the International Trade Fair of Information Society Technologies INFOBALT’2006 “Supertechnologies and entertainment for everyone”. INFOBALT’2006 is an annual exhibition-fair dedicated to IT technologies, E-services and electronics held in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Over 50 companies from Latvia, Estonia and Italy participated. Among them were state institutions, the Lithuanian Ministry of Transportation, and administration departments. More than 50000 people visited the exhibition.

Itransition showcased its latest results in web development and embedded solutions.
The company has had a series of meetings with the Lithuanian Ministry of Transportation and Communication representatives and several Telecommunication companies.

Itransition was introduced to business professionals from different European countries and to present our products and services into the Baltic IT market, which is currently one of the most successfully growing European IT regions.