Future IT Trends

2 min.

Everyone wants to know what will happen in IT in the future. But what they really want to know is what can be done about it now for competitive advantage. Besides 10-year sci-fi sounding predictions (such as neurobusiness, quantum computing, human augmentation and bioacoustic sensing) there are a few important trends that will be influencing IT markets just twelve months from now (translation: you had do something about it like yesterday).

In short-term predictions, expected to be trendy a year or two from now, even a baby can tell you that we have high quality speech recognition and corresponding apps – and babies will probably love those! I don’t have to mention affordable, widely available 3D and expanded use of machine learning for small and medium-sized businesses because you know it already. And if you wanted to be prepared for those trends, you would be by now.

I don’t even want to get into the ubiquitous use of smart robots, in particular military robots (UAV and others) as they are creating outrage already. Autonomous vehicles which will dramatically impact the structure of the economy in areas like cargo transportation releasing an army of truck drivers. And mobile health monitoring based on profound (including genetic) and ongoing (via gadgets) diagnostics will be changing medicine – doctors should be packing bags for Mars.

All of these trends will drastically change some spheres of economy, and leave others the same. For IT they hopefully mean higher demand to program smart robots and mobile calorie counters (as well as job seeking software for truck drivers).