Doing B2B with SAP Hybris Commerce B2B Accelerator

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Before we discuss SAP Hybris Commerce B2B Accelerator in detail, let’s look at why we believe SAP Hybris ecommerce development has obvious advantages over other ecommerce solutions on the market.

Advantages of SAP Hybris Ecommerce Solutions

We think that the advantages of SAP Hybris ecommerce solutions are:

  • Flexible architecture and deployment models
  • Omnichannel commerce features
  • Data management in SAP Hybris Commerce
  • Social networks integration (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest)
  • B2B and B2C Commerce Accelerators as native SAP Hybris offers
  • Mobile-ready solutions
  • Support for several websites
  • Advanced personalization tools
  • A wide network of SAP Hybris partners
  • Searchandising (merchandising the results of your product searches).

Of course, there are platforms that can help you achieve the same, but SAP Hybris has solutions for both B2C and B2B organizations for various industry niches that fully support all the advantageous features mentioned above. Out of the box you get plug-and-play accelerators allowing you to have a fully-fledged website faster than if you were to use competitor’s software. The industries SAP Hybris developers customize accelerators for are retail B2B and B2C, telecom, banks and fintech, utilities, travel, citizen engagement and Chinese retail. Also SAP Hybris is always open about future plans to extend the list of industries it caters to.

Why SAP Hybris Commerce B2B Accelerator?

The SAP Hybris Commerce B2B Accelerator boasts templates, content and business processes that are ready to use from the get go. They are created to cater to the needs of specific B2B enterprises and organizations. The accelerator is an automated, self-serviced, omnichannel commerce solution with amazing Admin Perspective in the Administration Cockpit, all of which helps business owners cut costs on implementation, minimize time to value and simplify their GTM strategy. By failing fast it’s easier for SAP Hybris clients to save money. Predicting customer expectations and meeting customer needs is facilitated by understanding contextual as well as omnichannel experiences. The client base for the B2B accelerator is B2B Retail, Consumer Goods and Wholesale Distribution.

Commerce B2B Accelerator

All B2B organizations need to manage B2B relationships. The accelerator automates processing orders and empowers clients with a feature of managing multiple accounts using one platform. Advanced self-service features include management of users and user groups, permission and cost centers, budgets and approval workflows. B2B account managers also benefit from the B2B Admin Perspective. The Administration Cockpit is a great tool for B2B account managers to utilize one wizard for creating an organization and another for quote approval process management.

Omnichannel commerce solutions can be deployed fast. Clients who have brick-and-mortar stores together with a website can provide users with stock visibility in all locations, for each product, as well as give them a BOPIS (buy online pick up in store) option.

SAP Hybris

Based on a structure setup that takes into account the organization’s size and complexity, administrators have full control of their company. When B2B customers send approval requests, the process for finding and managing the orders pitched for approval is very simple for admins. Depending on the needs of the organization, admins can choose merchandizing tools that are already fully integrated. These tools include promotions and cross-sells, up-sells and advanced personalization.

The advantages mentioned above help organizations achieve faster speed to market, shorter development cycles and facilitated development thanks to SAP Hybris integration features with internal and third-party systems. SAP Hybris is integrated with SAP ERP, Google Maps and popular social media channels. Also you can enjoy easy localization and internationalization features by either hosting brick-and-mortar stores for different locations using one language and currency, or using a shared website with a multilanguage and currency options. B2B clients will streamline their processes thanks to easy import/export shopping cart contents feature, bulk product order via product grids feature, and price negotiation and approval features.

SAP Hybris Commerce B2B Accelerator Key Features

Now let’s look at the features of SAP Hybris Commerce B2B Accelerator in more detail.

Backoffice integration

Backoffice is a new flexible Hybris-based administration framework for making the creation of consistent business tools and user interfaces much easier. The solution complements and updates all the features of the existing B2B Administration Cockpit by providing a modern user-friendly, easy-to-expand and customizable widget-based user interface.

Self-service account management

Thanks to a simple automated workflow engine for B2B administrators it’s easy to assign rights to employees, set up individual purchasing units as well as limits within the organization, configure approval rules and workflows, manage cost centers and budgets. The accelerator enables admins to create multiple organizations associated with users, user groups, order thresholds, budgets, and cost centers.

The My Company menu allows B2B admins to access management features consisting of sessions such as budgets and cost centers, units and users, user groups and permissions, as well as account summary. Units are further divided into structures like departments or locations. Users are B2B administrators, B2B managers, B2B approvers and B2B customers.

Online ordering

This feature allows users to place orders and reschedule them for automatic replenishment. Internal and merchant order approvals are required for all orders. Tracking orders is very easy for registered customers who can also request quotes using the B2B checkout and order process. Customers choose how cart items should be processed during the Final Review checkout step. They can either place an order at the time of the session or opt for automatic replenishment of the cart contents.

Custom catalogs

Using this functionality, merchants are able to customize product lists as well as search product pages for specified organizations, departments, and customers. Customized product catalogs can be offered by merchants. This includes product lists and search page customizations. The B2B accelerator is flexible in supporting complex pricing models from the wide range of internal SAP Hybris database models or the SAP backend system models.

Custom pricing

SAP Hybris Commerce B2B Accelerator supports complex B2B pricing models. Individually negotiated price lists can be managed either in SAP Hybris or in an ERP system. Prices specific to each customer can be negotiated at different levels, such as the B2B organization, B2B company or B2B department levels. With multiple price lists in existence, individual price lists can be negotiated per article or per article group. Base price lists are available for all the customers without an individual price list. Customized prices can be assigned to a single B2B customer, a B2B customer group or even a whole B2B unit.

Price quote requests

This feature enables purchasers to negotiate the order price. Quotes requests can be restricted to a minimum order value.

Credit management

Different credit limits with currency and date range options can be assigned by merchants. They can also assign credit limits to particular customers. These are set up by B2B account managers in their B2B units. For more convenience account managers receive a credit limit alert when the customer is approaching their individual limit. Alerts are also automatically triggered when the amount of the credit used exceeds the previously specified value.

Multi-dimensional products

Multi-dimensional products can be described utilizing multiple attributes such as size, color, and fit. Admins can define the dimensions and attributes needed for a product description. The B2B Commerce Accelerator has three dimensions out of the box. To describe products using this model admins can use one, two or three dimensions. Product descriptions are used to manage multi-dimensional products and search for them.

Advanced product search

Admins can perform advanced searches using bar codes and product codes. Searches can also be conducted by text or delimited list. Users are also enabled to choose their preferred search method as well as ways to display search results.

PunchOut support

The B2B website can be seamlessly integrated with customer procurement systems, with all orders placed on the B2B site automatically turned into purchase requisitions and saved to the customer's procurement system (SAP Ariba).

Early Login

This feature requires users to log in before allowing them to view the storefront.

All these features help speed up the B2B retail execution processes and allow business customers to buy bulk products through the storefront stress-free.


Using SAP Hybris, Itransition helped a British government-approved provider of tenancy deposit protection with a 150K website achieve a 50% faster time to market and 25% growth in customer base. With only a small team from Itransition, we provided a unified customer experience and a stable, maintainable and reliable platform for retail management.

Our team is constantly growing with new SAP Hybris-certified developers. What we can do for you:

  • Offer SAP Hybris consulting. We evaluate existing operating models and map out a digital commerce strategy, suggesting the best options for you with an end-to-end deployment plan.
  • Write a SAP Hybris solution from scratch or add ecommerce functionality to a SAP infrastructure you already have.
  • Customize B2B and B2C accelerators and admin cockpits in order to cater to your specific business environment.
  • Integrate SAP Hybris by using the DataHub integration platform and/or developing SOAP/RESTful connectors for bidirectional data exchange among SAP Hybris and third-party web services and corporate systems with synchronous and asynchronous integration.
  • Provide remote monitoring, incident handling, custom extension and improvement, continuous integration and continuous delivery.
  • Make your SAP Hybris app compliant with security standards, including PCI DSS, PA-DSS, and OWASP.
  • Ensure your app is GDPR-compliant by using consent and user data management, logging, data storage, and data disposal capabilities offered by Hybris.