August 22, 2008


Free face-to-face meetings to receive answers to questions related to CMS and discuss specific development issues with Itransition experts. Just one step to get answers to all your “how-to” questions:

  • How to choose development tools and an ECM platform
  • How to estimate open source vs. commercial products
  • How to build a media streaming solution
  • Any other CMS development issues

Address Itransition experts and you’ll get the answer which can be discussed in more detail during the meeting.

About Itransition Content Management Development Department

With Itransition you fulfill your needs for custom CMS development, platform customization, incl. migration from legacy systems, implementation on end user’s side, connectors development and data consolidation. Use our expertise in development and implementation of enterprise-level content management systems, software product development and CMS development for rich web frameworks.