Valerie Nechay

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GDPR compliance with SAP Customer Experience

By Valerie Nechay
Explore how SAP Customer Experience solutions help check all the GDPR boxes by default. Read more

Big data and its business impacts, or how to convert big data into big results

By Valerie Nechay
Tap into big data and its business impacts to see how various industries can leverage it and avoid common big data management pitfalls. Read more

Experts answer 18 common questions about Salesforce IoT

By Valerie Nechay
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Are beacons in retail still the staple of proximity marketing?

By Valerie Nechay
Beacons in retail are important components of proximity marketing and usability strategies. Learn how to use them to increase ROI and avoid risks. Read more

The ultimate guide to big data visualization techniques

By Valerie Nechay
Big data visualization is a must in business. Explore the list of big data visualization techniques, from basic to advanced, and learn why you need them. Read more