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Seva Maslov
Seva Maslov
Business Development Manager

Seva graduated from Minsk State Linguistic University with a BA in English and Italian in 2004. He continued his education at Minsk Institute of Management and graduated with a degree in Economics and Management in 2008. He started in IT in 2004 and throughout his career worked as a Senior Account Manager, PR manager and Project Manager in different IT companies before he joined Itransition as a Business Development Manager in 2013. His work at Itransition has helped him advance his skills in sales, contract management, project management, outsourcing & business analysis. In his free time he enjoys playing in a rock band and spending time with his family.

“Failed” Projects: How to Learn and Grow from Business Mistakes

By Seva Maslov

There are plenty examples from my experience of projects that had disastrous results from the outside, but turned out to be very useful or super successful in some of its parts, not so obvious to an outside observer. If you think about it — success and failure are largely relative categories. Let me give you a few examples. [...]

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