Lola Volkova

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Robotics in healthcare: it’s just the beginning

By Lola Volkova
The era of robotics in healthcare is dawning. Learn how robots come to redefine care delivery and administration right now. Read more

On the road to price transparency with APCDs

By Lola Volkova
We aim to explore whether all-payer claims databases have what it takes to achieve price transparency in healthcare. Read more

Migrating EHR to the cloud: Why and how

By Lola Volkova
We discuss the reasons to go for a cloud-based EHR and hint on how to make the transition as painless as possible. Read more

Mobile healthcare in 2018: The roadmap for changes

By Lola Volkova
We take a look at varied healthcare mobile apps, connected devices, and overall industry trends to shape the mobile healthcare roadmap for 2018. Read more

Medical Image Analysis: How Computer Vision Helps Diagnosticians

By Lola Volkova
Computer vision and medical image analysis introduce an array of diagnostic and treatment opportunities in the healthcare industry. Read more

How patients and providers can benefit from remote patient monitoring solutions

By Lola Volkova
We list the most valuable perks of remote patient monitoring solutions for patients and providers. Read more