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How to start projects with IT vendors. Part 2: IT business analysis

By Konstantin Pilkevich
Find out how IT business analysis is performed and how you as a client can make sure that this stage goes well. Read more

How to start projects with IT vendors. Part 1: presales in IT

By Konstantin Pilkevich
We discuss the role of presales in IT projects and give practical tips for clients—how to act at this stage, what to expect from the vendor side, and more. Read more

3 enterprise IoT use cases for smart offices, Itransition way

By Konstantin Pilkevich
With enterprise IoT on the rise, Itransition shows how companies can make use of this trending technology to create truly smart and safe offices while overcoming tech barriers. Read more

Blockchain as the underlying architecture of secure IoT solutions

By Konstantin Pilkevich
In this article you will discover how blockchain software development applied to IoT infrastructure helps consumers benefit from secure payments, easily traceable food and per-mile car insurance, and how regulators can fully rely on trustworthy car tech checks, data interoperability and smart healthcare. Read more