Kate Prohorchik

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A data migration strategy in six steps

By Kate Prohorchik
Learn why a data migration strategy is a must and how to set it up in 6 steps. Read more

Big data governance: roles, frameworks, and a case study

By Kate Prohorchik
Review the anatomy of big data governance and learn why it’s an essential component of any big data strategy. Read more

Cloud business intelligence: the whys and hows

By Kate Prohorchik
Learn why cloud business intelligence has become an imperative for enterprise success. Read more

Predictive analytics in real estate: applications and limitations

By Kate Prohorchik
Discover how predictive analytics helps real estate professionals make better decisions. Read more

Tableau vs Power BI: who gets the crown?

By Kate Prohorchik
Read our Tableau vs Power BI comparison to review the major pros and cons of each tool and choose the best option for your business. Read more