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Blockchain limitations: when your company doesn’t need blockchain

By Ivan Kot
Some businesses invest into blockchain without weighing its disadvantages first. Find out when your project doesn’t need a blockchain. Read more

Blockchain for nonprofits: how can blockchain make our world a better place?

By Ivan Kot
How can blockchain actually make the world a better place? Discover several ways in which blockchain can help nonprofits. Read more

Doing B2B with SAP Hybris Commerce B2B Accelerator

By Ivan Kot
In this article, we discuss the advantages of SAP Hybris development over competitor solutions, review the best features of SAP Hybris Commerce B2B Accelerator and look at what Itransition’s SAP Hybris consultants can offer in the B2B segment. Read more

Lack of Standards in Blockchain Technology: What to Do?

By Ivan Kot
In this article, we explore the lack of standards in blockchain technology adoption. We discuss the efforts of Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, R3 and Hyperledger to produce blockchain and fintech software development standards, specifications being developed by blockchain technology companies and what you can do in the current situation. Read more

Is blockchain overhyped? Misinterpretations vs. reality

By Ivan Kot
Blockchain is this year’s buzzword, but some people think that its importance is exaggerated. Find out common misconceptions and realities about blockchain development. Read more

Choosing BaaS providers: Tierion, AWS Templates, Microsoft Azure

By Ivan Kot
In this article, we compare three Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) providers: Tierion, AWS Templates, and Microsoft Azure. Find out which of them to choose for your business. Read more

Calculating ROI for SAP Hybris

By Ivan Kot
In this article, we’re getting deep into ROI calculation of SAP Hybris implementation analyzing license, implementation maintenance-related costs and benefits. The results clearly show that large business can benefit tremendously from SAP Hybris implementation reaching 307% ROI in three years, while mid-size business can benefit even more. Read more

Best blockchain use cases

By Ivan Kot
This article covers the best blockchain use cases allowing businessmen to cut out intermediaries in supply chains management, distributed autonomous marketplaces and bonds settlement as opposed to traditional business models. Read more

A Guide to KYC with SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud

By Ivan Kot
SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud is a market leader when it comes to marketing campaign automation. SAP consultants review the platform’s capabilities for KYC strategies in particular. Read more
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