Darya Nehaychik

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An executive’s guide to risk analytics

By Darya Nehaychik
Is your enterprise concerned about risk and resilience right now? If so, this might be a good time to add digital risk analytics to your risk team’s armory. Read more

Itransition’s take on data-driven decision making

By Darya Nehaychik
Understand the balance between gut feel and data in business through Itransition’s data driven decision making examples. Read more

How to devise a business intelligence project plan for strategic outcomes

By Darya Nehaychik
Learn how to bolster your investments by utilizing our business intelligence planning process. Read more

What is healthcare BI, and how does it contribute to care delivery?

By Darya Nehaychik
Providers can see a range of benefits from healthcare BI. Find out how to unlock them with Itransition. Read more

Retail business intelligence: 4 tips from BI experts to boost in-store sales

By Darya Nehaychik
Retail is not going to exist without data analytics. How can business intelligence turn data into higher profits? BI experts offer some answers Read more