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Tim Chebunin
Tim Chebunin
Marketing Manager

Tim graduated from the Radio Physics Department of the Belarusian State University. In his student years he automated business processes for a small Belarusian IT company. Later he became interested in journalism and continued further professional development at the crossroads of technical and humanitarian fields – in IT marketing. Tim is now responsible for Itransition’s outbound marketing campaigns, strategic planning of related projects, as well as ongoing communications with potential clients and partners. In his own words, he “tries to look for beauty in the ugly side of things and find those, who previously didn’t notice them”.

4 Manager Types – Choose the Right One

By Tim Chebunin

Management style is often guided by what is more important to managers – expert task assignment or the fact that everyone works as much as the contract says they should. Let’s see what kinds of teams vibe best with what types of managers, and vice versa. [...]

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