Online Marketplaces and Auctions

Online marketplace and online auction are parts of a large segment of internet software engineering - e-commerce software solution development. Online marketplace, if powered by quality auction software, is an effective means of connecting buyers and sellers online while optimizing trade processes such as negotiation, payment and shipment. That is why there is high demand for online auction software development, now even greater than before. Internet auction software has been a key area for Itransition for quite a long time. We have spread our expertise from simple auction site development to advanced auction management solution creation.

What Itransition offers: scalability (our auction programs are scalable to host thousands of online marketplace users simultaneously); business prospective orientation (our prior business analysis will make the software perfectly fit your current and prospected needs); support (in case you need an upgrade); expertise (our experience in auction bidding software and auction management software development is proven by success stories listed below).

Smart Purchases Shipment Service

  • Country:UK
  • Industry:E-Commerce
  • Business Challenge:Response to the growing market demands by transferring the solution to a new technology platform

The customer needed a business community building platform for academic institutions, professional associations and event organizers. The key of the project is that it allows delivering relevant content to users of large communities (which may have sub-communities or smaller groups within them).

Solution for Online Fantasy Sports Game

  • Country:USA
  • Industry:Entertainment
  • Business Challenge:Provision of services online and winning greater audiences

Fantasy sports movement is now very popular among sports fans all over the world and now becoming one of the top online entertainments. The idea of the project is to revolutionize fantasy sports by bringing auction drafting to the mainstream. So far in most of the games and leagues fantasy rosters are filled by means of snake draft that seems to be slow, unimaginative, and boring. Fantasy Sports Auctioneer offers auction drafting as more exciting and dynamic process.

Terpies Online Marketplace

  • Country:USA
  • Industry:E-commerce
  • Business Challenge:Entering the new market niche by providing services online

The business idea of the customer was to create a web-based marketplace of all kinds of domestic and construction services. On this market, service suppliers and potential customers meet each other by means of the Internet. The system is supposed to be a unique Internet-based marketplace due to its coverage of service providers and customers on the territory of the United States and Canada. In addition, it is the unique system that sells domestic services this way.